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Natural-Look Volume Pre Made Fans (60 Pcs)


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"This has been a game-changer with my hybrid sets! My clients absolutely love how they look really full and they are super lightweight! I couldn’t be happier to find these! Highly recommend!" Kyle R., 34

Achieve a fluffy full volume look whilst saving your self-time!  You can produce a full volume look at the same time without Expensive Volume Lashes.

These can be used by a beginner or seasoned lash artists alike.

These Pre Made Volume Fans are heat bonded and light. Unlike cluster lashes, they are knot-free at the end and suitable for eyelash extension application.


We only use high quality, professional products for safe and reliable treatments. All our products are tested and approved to CE standard.

Compared with classic lash extensions, volume lash extensions will last a long time after application. The adjacent volume lashes will cross each other to form a node that supports each other, making the last time longer.

Classic lashes are one extension applied to one natural lash only and it adds length and thickness of natural lashes.

Volume lashes provide a fuller look and can create custom fans of multiple lashes to put on each hair you can have.


Save time and speed up lash application times.

Featuresand Benefits:
C-Curl With 0.10mm thickness
NATURAL WEARING: Ultra-lightweight, short and thin base almost invisible.

HIGHEST QUALITY: Korean material eyelash extensions imported PBT material
PERFECT FANS: Guaranteed hand made, beautiful fan shape
FAUX MINK: All lashes are soft faux mink material
EASY TO USE: Lashes come off the strip easily
MATTE BLACK: Dark black lashes with no shine
NO EXTRAS: Same or better quality as major brands without the price
REMOVABLE: Each strip row of lashes is easily removed

PS: You have to be really careful pulling them off from the tray because they could fall apart.image
Could you let me know how long it can usage?
This has to do with your eyelash extension technology and glue, temperature and humidity, and your lifestyle can also affect how long your eyelashes will last.
Are these actually .10mm thickness?
Yes, each of the three lashes in the fan is .10 diameter 
Are these lashes are placed like cluster lashes or have isolated?
They are individual which can be worn either way depending on the look you want. 
Can I put on premade volume eyelash extensions mixed? such as makes length with 10mm and 13mm?

Yes of course 




(Just Cover Tracked Shipping)