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Acupressure Magnetic Facial Mask

Have you heard how Acupuncture can be an anti-aging treatment and help wipe away years of abuse?

Now you can give yourself a home treatment anytime!

Wipe away that tired look and give your face a mini face-lift with this Acupressure Magnetic Facial Mask. Your face is your canvas - keep yours looking good.

Acupressure help relaxes and rejuvenatesyour cells, organs, and nervous system. Simple put the mask on over your face and give yourself about 15 - 30 minutes to take in the benefits. Don't have 30 mins? No worries, even 10 minutes can give you benefits.

The Magnetic Face Slimming Mask has been created by combining Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory, the Magnetic Energy Science and the aspects of Medical Beauty. The magnets inside the mask are placed to interact with the meridian points on your face. 

Auch Hot & Cold Facial Therapy Mask, Reusable Face Gel Microwavable Freezable Mask for Swollen Face, Puffy Eyes, Stress

  • Therapeutic effect: Hot and Cold therapy reduces swelling, discomfort and pain caused by inflammation, injury, post- surgical pain & burns. It restores flexibility in a wide variety of ailments including muscle pain, spasms & soreness, arthritis. Great for swollen and puffy eyes, dark circles, sinusitis, sinus pressure, head colds, fever, muscle aches and stiffness, insect bites, sunburns, stress, fever, migraine or headache relief.
  • Easy to use: Simply place in refrigerator or freezer until desired temperature for a cooling or ice pack effect. For hot use, simply place in the microwave for the indicated time on the instructions. The eye mask is then ready to relieve your swelling, aches and pains!
  • Adjustable, reuseable & safe: Made from non-toxic, medical grade gel beads with magnetic stone, it is safe and resists tearing and leaking. Remains flexible even while cold or hot, allowing it to conform to your eyes and sinus area and reach deep into the tissue to reduce pain and tension. It can be washed by simply wiping it down. If you have sensitive facial skin to hot or cold, please do not apply this product to your face.
  • Wear the hot & cold mask after applying the skin care product, it will help with the absorption of skin care products.
  • In addition to covering the eyes, the mask can be used for the head, back, neck, shoulders, arm, elbow, or wrist. It is perfect for travel, meditation, yoga, or relaxation. Just place it where it's needed and relax!


✔️Relieve puffiness, burning eyes after working and soothe nasty headaches, migraines or the effects of sinusitis.

✔️Thoughtfully designed with an extra-long, form-fitting strap, you can adjust around your head for maximum comfort.

✔️Light and foldable, convenient for taking with you in traveling or home use, keeping a vibrant, youthful look.

✔️Simply freeze the mask in the fridge for cold therapy, or heat with hot water or a microwave for hot therapy.

✔️Simply place over your eyes and put the attached elastic bands over your ears, then stay, lay back and relax

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 More Functions:

Relieve eye fatigue, swelling and remove bags under the eyes.

Soothes the face, brightens the complexion, tightens the skin.

Resistant to radiation and promote blood circulation.
Acupuncture treatment of traditional Chinese medicine regulates the secretion of hormones.

20 magnets distributed in different acupuncture points, with gel to restore your delicate skin.

Face-structured design.
Ultra-fine fabric, feel smooth.

Functional treatment methods:
Wear 10 to 20 minutes before getting up in the morning, 10 minutes at noon break, 20 minutes at night, and 20 days or more each month.