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DermaGlam™ High-Frequency Skincare Facial Kit

"I'm using this product because somehow at 37 years old, my hormones have changed my skin. I started breaking out on my face with cystic acne. My face gets oiler than ever. I will in for a facial and my esthetician used this wand on me and it killed all of the bacteria under my skin. Within days, my face cleared up. I also get ingrown hairs in the back of my thighs and buttocks. It helped heal them and now just trying to get rid of all the scars on my face and backside." -Carrie

Powerful and Portable Professional Skincare

Do you enjoy getting a facial but don’t have the time for regular trips to your favorite skin salon? Do you want beautiful and youthful skin, free of acne, wrinkles, age spots, and puffy eyes and cheeks, but don’t want to spend a fortune on weekly facials and trips to your dermatologist?

All you need is the DermaGlam™ High-Frequency Facial Kit. This portable high frequency skincare facial kit delivers professional beauty therapy and body care results. You can treat any skin issue!

High frequency electrotherapy instrument generates heat effect, ultraviolet light and vibrated skin's current by using of high frequency current vibration.

It has the effects of promoting absorption, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, accelerate wound healing. Suitable to acne skin and wound skin of external treatment.

High frequency electrotherapy can use for hair, effectively control dandruff generation, also can treat swelling and sore hair follicle.

It’s safe and painless!