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GlamWellness™ Bunion Corrector Toe

"Easy to use and adjustable! I wear these bunion correctors in the evening while I sleep at night It very comfortable and works very well! Really helps relieve the pain. Thanks." - Emily

Protect And Serve Your Feet!
Ergonomic And Effective!

★EFFECTIVE BUNION PAIN RELIEF: Allow for effective toe correction and bunion relief by using GlamWellness™ bunion corrector toe splint, Helps ease the discomfort, pressure, and inflammation caused by bunions. these are sure to provide you with amazing relief.

★HIGH-QUALITY MEDICAL GRADE MATERIALS: Made from 100% medical materials. GlamWellness™ bunion corrector is healthy, safe, much more sturdy and durable. They are easy to clean. So the bunion Corrector can be reused again and again

★ONE SIZE FITS All: Adjustable to provide a comfortable fit. Because of the flexible hinge of these bunion correctors, so the range of activity is up to 180 degrees, quite relaxing! GlamWellness™ Bunion Correctors are geared for men and women alike

  • PROTECTS- When in use protects bunions from becoming painful interactions or infection.
  • STRAIGHTENS- Helps straightens toes and keep them in place.
  • SUPPORTS- The arm pad provides support for the foot as well as comfort when walking or resting.
  • ADJUSTS- Brace is adjustable for your comfort.
  • ORTHIDIC-  The brace is a strong orthidic for quick and effective relief to nursing your foot back to health.
  • EASY TO USE- Simply strap your foot in and adjust to your fit.

GlamWellness™ TIPS

  • Wear loose-fitting shoes or use at night when at home or in bed.


The best non-invasive way to straighten out your foot and keep them healthy for the many miles left to walk!